It was a cold night, bright full moon shining down on the wooded area behind his house. He reached down to his cargo pants in search of his pack of Newports in an attempt to stop his racing thoughts, and maybe warm his hands before going-back indoors to care for his sickly mother. After lighting up, he saw what seemed as glowing antlers moving swiftly through the vegetation, followed by three gunshot blasts, and some indistinct shouting. The incident wasn't directed at him, but since his cigarette was shot off from his mouth, just gracing his cheek, he felt lucky enough to find justice with only a sling-shot and some marbles in his pocket. 
     "Finish him off boy", a desperate shout came from the hunting trio, that fired without taking in account anything else in the vicinity. He nodded with a smirk, "Attaboy" they said, as he walked to the injured anomaly, he turned around with rapid accuracy, and sent marbles flying to each's forehead, getting them to fall on their knees.
      The deer stood in a calm pose, as it understood that he may belong to their kind, but his heart was pure. A look that he has never got from others... acceptance and trust. Between his gritty way of dressing, quirky piercings and the smell of tobacco, it was enough of a stereotype for anyone to not trust him. It was at that moment when he saw life as it was, a crowded void in which kindness has the ability to manifest in all shapes, forms and species.

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