"The Plague" - The concept for this animation piece came after I found a grackle fledgling at the genesis of the pandemic. His parents were still there, gawking at god to relieve their stress of having to loose their offspring to a hungry cat or the elements. After a lengthy search for it's nest, I was disappointment to not find it's twiggy abode. Without hesitation I stuffed it in my shirt to keep it warm until I got home, without knowing what I was getting myself into. After some serious doom-scrolling in online forums to get a grasp at how I could manage to be a mother to this still featherless orphan, I came across the words "DON'T EVEN TRY", "IMPOSSIBLE" and "UNADVISED". Knowing how stubborn I tend to be, I got to see him fly away without looking back... She was ready, and so was I... After 7 months we both got a set of wings, ready to join our own "plague", which is how humans call a large group of black birds in a derogatory way. We parted ways, but she will always carry my human essence, and in return she gave me the gift of malice, only a corvid could provide. As long as your spirit is strong, it doesn't matter how menacing the challenge is, because the drive to succeed will tumble both the odds, and other mortal's testimonials of failure.

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